Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kindergartner

Why We Decided to Homeschool Our Kindergartener

My husband and I wrestled for months about homeschooling our five-year-old daughter. He was against it; I was on the fence. I was homeschooled for one year in the ninth grade. Back then the requirements were not as strict. My mom, without a high school diploma, couldn't teach or tutor us if we were stuck on something. All I learned that year was … [Read More...]

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Mama Moments Monday {Link-Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! July has been a very busy month for our family as we've traveled to visit family, traveled to Teach Them Diligently, and now we're getting ready to leave for our last trip of the summer. I'll plan to do another double feature for next week, as well. :) This is the LAST week to enter the BHS $100 gift … [Read More...]

How Direct Sales Brought Me Back

How Direct Sales Brought ME Back

Today's post is by guest poster, Sara Shay. Why do people join direct sales companies? Extra Income Great product discounts To enjoy social engagement with friends and community How about to get out of yourself? I've been a mama for over nine years now. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I've become somewhat of a shut in. My children … [Read More...]

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Mama Moments Monday {Link-Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! My family just returned home from TTD Dallas, and we had an absolutely wonderful time! If you've never been to a TTD conference, you're missing out. I attended a local homeschool convention not too long ago but there's something unique about Teach Them Diligently. The whole atmosphere exudes the Spirit, and it's … [Read More...]


Natural Helps for Children on the Spectrum

Over the years, I've learned things regarding diet and children with autism, ADHD, ADD, etc. Having a son who is on the spectrum, this piqued my interest. Since my son doesn't have major tummy troubles or other significant symptoms of Celiac Disease,  and reading articles stating that there's no definitive evidence to link gluten intolerance … [Read More...]

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Mama Moments Monday {Link-Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! I hope everyone had a fun July 4th celebration with their families. Ours traveled all the way from the Ozarks to Alabama to visit my relatives. Being British, my husband sometimes feels like the elephant in the room during these celebrations. Ha! Not really, but he does like to joke around some. He loves lighting … [Read More...]

Finding Peace When Life Is Distracting

Finding Peace When Life is Distracting

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Isaiah 26:3 I know this is true. For many years I even claimed it as my “life verse.” Many times I have gained peace as I reflected on the truth of the promise. But not lately. I would love to sit here and impart some wonderful nugget of wisdom … [Read More...]

Subscriber Freebie

Subscriber Freebie: Everyday Essential Oils & Herbs Guide

I'm so excited to share a brand new freebie with those who are subscribed to the A Mama's Story newsletter! Working with herbs and essential oils can feel intimidating, especially with so much information out there! This guide will walk you through 10 common oils and herbs our family loves and will detail how to use them. Subscriber … [Read More...]

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Mama Moments Monday {Link-Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! My family will be traveling during the upcoming week, so I've been busy packing, preparing for this week's fantastic subscriber freebie and giveaway, and attempting to run a home all at the same time! We look forward to visiting with our family and meeting a few brand new cousins, too! I haven't had a chance to … [Read More...]