Large Family Homeschool Methods

Large Family Homeschool Methods

Over the years, we've used a variety of curriculum that's served us well during specific seasons. Regarding homeschooling the large family, I've heard three pieces of advice and wonder what works best for other large homeschooling families. 1) Textbook methods are easiest to implement and keep organized. After a child learns to read, they work … [Read More...]

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Mama Moments Mondays {Link-Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! If you're featured below or have been in the past, help yourself to a featured button (you'll find the codes on the sidebar). :) 10 Favorite Baby Books Should We Really Tell Kids They Can Be Whatever They Want to Be? Finding Peace in Your Homeschool Now, onto this week's link-up! Topics may … [Read More...]


Herbal Tea 101: Dosages for Medicinal Herbal Teas

Using herbs as medicine is an enjoyable part of helping our family stay well. My children probably don’t remember a time when they weren’t offered a cup of tea to ease a queasy tummy or to help them relax in the evening. While we use a variety of herbal remedies, teas are not only one of the safer methods of administration, they’re likely one of … [Read More...]

What About Socialization2

What About Socialization?

Ah! The "S" word. Whenever I mention that we homeschool, the uninitiated will ask, "But what about socialization?" I worked in early childhood education for several years and majored in ECE, before changing majors somewhere in my final years. Back then I was a firm believer in a model in which children needed to be with their peers in order … [Read More...]

An Anti-Grumbling Activity

Anti-Grumbling Activity

I'm thrilled to share this guest post, written by my friend Emily from Weak and Loved. “Is the movie we’re going to in 3D? Oh, why not? I like it in 3D!” “We only get TWO cookies? I want three!” “But I wanted to swim for longer! Why do I have to get out NOW?” Mothers, you know this feeling. You are trying to do something nice for your … [Read More...]

Parenting Saturated in God's Grace

An Important Reminder to Imperfect Parents

We all have visions of perfect parenting. We picture homes that are a place of order and peace, filled with much joy and laughter.  It seems wonderful in our minds or on paper or charts as we set up routines and schedules for our days but so many times the day doesn't get much beyond the breakfast table and our attitudes are not peaceful or … [Read More...]


A Large Family’s Journey to Routine: Cleanliness

Earlier this year, I shared that our large family is working to find routine in 2015! After multiple attempts of trying to stick to schedules and rigid programs that didn't suit our family's lifestyle, we're working on habits to bring a sense of order and routine into our home. Over the past few weeks, we've focused on cleanliness from the … [Read More...]

Hearty Blueberry Waffles

Hearty Blueberry Waffles {THM Friendly}

I could eat blueberries all day, every day! Since these little blue gems are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits, and even considered antiviral, who wouldn't want more of them in their diet? Couple my love of blueberries with my other love--waffles, make it THM friendly, and I'm a happy camper! I made these on Christmas morning, … [Read More...]

8 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us: chocolates, hearts, lace, Valentine cards, roses. It can be a budget-buster in a hurry. I struggle with celebrating Valentine’s, not because of any moral reason, but because February 14 is also my birthday. Going out to eat, having flowers delivered, and chocolates purchased is often cost-prohibitive. It’s … [Read More...]