Homeschooling on YOUR Budget

Do you want to homeschool but feel overwhelmed by all of the curriculum choices? How about when it comes to actually buying the curriculum? My friend Erika, a veteran homeschooler, shares a few of her favorite budget-friendly homeschool resources:

I’ve been on either side of the spectrum. Totally and 100% putting together my own curriculum and the opposite end of buying a 100% name-brand curriculum.

Let’s take the first scenario.

You know you should homeschool, but the money just isn’t there. What do you do?

First of all, you don’t panic. You have everything you need to successfully homeschool right in your own home. The Bible is an excellent tool- not only to provide you with encouragement and direction in your homeschool, but also to help in subjects. History, Science, Writing, and Reading can all be covered with it! If you have a student who is reading at a 2-3rd grade reading level or higher, choosing a Psalm would fit appropriately into the reading plan. A higher grade student could read from a harder book, like Deuteronomy. History and Science can be covered easily beginning in Genesis. Handwriting can be taught by tracing over different biblical words or verses progressing to copywork and then later dictation. Math can be taught in the kitchen with a cookbook (which can also double as a reading lesson).

It doesn’t stop there, though! Check your library out. I’m living in a small, rural town and we have a typical small, rural library. Not much there. We moved from a bigger, much nicer library that had a great selection of books. During that time I was able to come up with my own lesson plans and then check out appropriate books from the library. That all ceased when moving here, though. If you have a good library- utilize it! Figure out what you want to study about and check out all the books you need to go along with it. Want to study Van Gogh? Check out a book about Van Gogh! Want to study about Antarctica? Check out a book about Antarctica! Even if you have a really small, rural, slightly pathetic library- utilize it! Allow your children (and yourself) to check out books about various topics to fill in any gaps you might be missing! If nothing else, allow them to develop a love for books!

Another awesome resource that most people have is the Internet. This has been my friend for YEARS!

Lesson Pathways offer free curriculum for PreK-5th grade. The curriculum covers math, Science, History, Language Arts, and reading/phonics.

Khan Academy is a free Math curriculum for ALL ages- including up to trigonometry!

Looking for some Math for younger kids? We love IXL Math. They actually have it up to 8th grade and Algebra/Geometry. You can buy a membership and have unlimited practice, but you can also practice daily for free too. The membership isn’t very much, but I have found that the amount of free time allowed isn’t really worth it to us to invest in the membership.

Google is also a good friend of mine. Free worksheets and printables are available for just about anything!

Need handwriting paper? Check out Donna Young. She has lined paper to print, printable things to trace, and more! Even for cursive!

Looking for spelling lists? What about K12 Reader? Their resources don’t just stop with spelling words either!

My point is- it’s out there. If money is an issue or you are interested in coming up with your own things, do it! I don’t generally even attempt any set curriculum for preschool or Kindergarten. Even though I have ones that want to do school like their big siblings, I have always chosen to use my printer and Internet. Letter of the Week, TLS Books, and Kidzone are my go-tos for the younger grades.

One last suggestion, especially when it comes to younger grades, keep it hands on! Don’t worry about having a set Kindergarten curriculum- allow free play. Sure, worksheets are great, especially if they want to do it, but let them learn by playing with play-doh, finger painting, and building with Legos!

What about if your budget allows for some curriculum?

homeschooling on your budget

I usually like to put things into priority. While I might really like this name-brand handwriting curriculum, are we okay with using regular copywork from something printed out?

I also think about how useful my purchase might be for any future students. We are big fans of Switched-On Schoolhouse because you can have up to five students per subject/disc AND the disc can be reused! All you need is that current years installation disc- no biggie! So while my 3rd graders are diligently working away on their SOS Math, I know that in 3-4 years when my Kindergartner gets there I’ll be able to use that with him. In my mind, it was a good investment.

The other things we have invested in are our Science and History books. Most of the time, Science and History are reusable, but even if you have a slightly outdated book it’s pretty easy to bring it current. Say your History book ends with George W. Bush- go utilize that library (or the Internet) and learn about Barack Obama!

And don’t forget, buy used whenever possible! Our Science and History books were both bought used- Amazon, Ebay, and even online homeschool swap shops are awesome ways to be budget-minded!

And if you can afford a full, name brand curriculum- GREAT! Any of the above suggestions can be applied, too. Learning doesn’t have to stay in with what the boxed brand says! Hit the library or Internet! Play extra computer games! Dig into the Bible!

Do you have any tips for homeschooling on a budget?

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A Party to Celebrate the Entrepreneural Spirit {And a Giveaway}

Do you have a product idea?  What about a budding entrepreneur in your home?

When I first learned of AON Invent, I was impressed with their code of ethics. In a market that’s defined by people ready to rip off someone who is passionate about their idea, AON Invent is one of the good guys.

Turn on your TV and you’ll undoubtedly see commercials for companies willing to hear your idea and take your money. AON Invent promises to give honest feedback; and if they don’t feel your product or idea will suit the market, they’ll give you direction on how to make it work!

Headed up by experienced, talented folks, AON Invent has the ability to take your product from napkin sketch to market.

There is nothing that you wouldn’t do to help your child get ahead in today’s competitive world. You are providing the education that will help them solve problems, make good choices and hopefully someday make a good living.

This Saturday, August 23, from 12:00 to 1:00pm CDT, we are hosting a live Facebook party with a team of product development experts from AON Invent and Zum Toyz.

This is your chance to hear the secrets to capitalizing on your and/or your young person’s next great idea and win some great prizes. AON Invent is the inventor’s best friend, with connections among major retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Shopping Network, and more. Centrally located in the US, they are surrounded by hundreds of companies that are looking for the next hot product idea. Just a few miles away from the Wal-Mart corporate office, AON Invent is uniquely positioned to help get your idea to market.

Visit AON Invent and have your questions ready this coming Saturday. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Do you have a question about the process or how AON Invent can help you? Contact them directly.

Have a question for this Saturday’s Q&A? Email them to me at, and they’ll be shared this Saturday morning!

To help celebrate, AON Invent is joining with Zum Toys to offer TWO winners their choice of a Zum Toyz product!

Due to shipping and customs regulations, this giveaway is open to our US friends only, but folks everywhere may join in and will benefit from the Q&A this Saturday.

The pictures below are just a sampling of their selection:





Todd is the owner of Zum Toyz! He wanted to show how durable his product is! Winner gets their choice of any item in this photo!


The winners will be announced after the FB party!

To help share what AON Invent can do for you, additional prizes for the FB Party are being provided by three entrepreneurial bloggers:

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So get those questions ready! Enter below for your chance to win YOUR choice of a Zum Toyz Product, and join us this Saturday to learn how AON Invent can benefit you and your family!

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