Mama Moments Monday {Link Up}

Welcome to Mama Moment Mondays! If you're featured below or have been in the past, help yourself to a featured button (you'll find the codes on the sidebar). :) As usual, the … [Read More...]

Burned Out Blogger

For the Burned-Out Blogger

When I started blogging, every online activity and experience was exciting! I loved the giveaways, networking, comments, and couldn’t imagine why other women talked about quitting, … [Read More...]

Hope as an Anchor

My Word for 2015: Anchor

While I've chosen a one word theme before, this year is different. After spending a couple of days praying and examining where I am and where I want to be, an image kept coming to … [Read More...]

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The Most Important Work

Today's post is by guest poster, Rebekah.  As a full time satisfier of everyone else's needs it can be easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed from the constant demands of … [Read More...]

Natural Learning Initiative

A Natural Learning Initiative

Today's post is from my dear friend Rachel. ... I had written the lesson plans for the week, and I was pretty sure the sounds I was hearing didn’t coincide with those plans. … [Read More...]


Raising Worldly Children

Guest article by Xara Lee. My Bella is a worldly teen. Other children, whom I enjoy and whose parents I admire, are worldly children. That bit of truth right there crippled me … [Read More...]


When You Struggle to Believe

Today's post is by guest Jenny Lee Sulpizio. It’s a phrase I heard throughout most of my young adult life--one that usually accompanied the annual decking of halls each holiday … [Read More...]


The Sacredness of Mothering

There is nothing spiritual about preparing meals, washing dishes or attending to crying babies, squabbling siblings, and rebellious teens. Or is there? Perhaps we are forgetting … [Read More...]