DIY Calendula Bath Soak

Sometimes we mamas can use a break. Am I right? A soak in the tub, a quiet cup of tea, and a good book. Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? These moments may be few and far between, but I'm here today to make that moment, when it arrives, a little more relaxing. All you need is a little salt, a few herbs, a muslin tea bag, and a few minutes. Put … [Read More...]

Christmas in England

Christmas In England {Christmas Around the World Series}

Happy Christmas! An Alabama girl growing up in the USA, I felt I already had a strong sense of unique cultural traditions. When I married my British husband with his English heritage, I had culture shock Even though my husband and I have lived in the US since we were married, some of his customs and traditions have rubbed off on us. No we … [Read More...]

The 7 Best STEM Toys for Early Childhood and $500 Giveaway

Technology is ever changing and it's hard to keep up. While I limit screen time and other devices in my children's day, I want to encourage skills such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but let’s face it--standards, reading dry textbooks, and boring lectures aren't a way to help our kids learn. Being natural scientists, children … [Read More...]

5 Christmas Gifts for the Homeschool Mom

Christmas is coming, and you may be wondering what to get the homeschool mom on your list. Pencils, glue sticks, books, and notebooks are usually on the list. What homeschooling mom doesn't get giddy with excitement at the thought of raiding her local school supply store? While those ideas are great, here are 5 other terrific gift ideas: **Keep … [Read More...]

Cultivating a Peaceful Christmas

Cultivating a Peaceful Christmas

Commercials blast their way during television shows and my daughter immediately yells, "I want that!" We go to the store and she starts adding to the ever-growing Christmas list. Stores blare out carols and songs over the PA system and families are pulled here and there trying to keep up with the social aspects of the Christmas holiday. What is … [Read More...]


100 Ways a Homeschool Mom (or any wife) Can Enrich Her Marriage

Curriculum choices, great literature (for both the students and the teacher), co-ops, household tasks, and getting everyone where they need to be, can overwhelm us as homeschooling moms. The idea of taking the time to care for ourselves may feel frivolous, and sad to say, during the busy seasons, nurturing my marriage gets lost somewhere, … [Read More...]

Save Money This Thanksgiving

How to Save Money This Thanksgiving

Do you brace for November because you know Thanksgiving is going to eat into your budget with Christmas shopping right around the corner? Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful, not a time to worry about spending hundreds on Thanksgiving dinner. So to help you have a more financially peaceful Thanksgiving, here are some tips and a free … [Read More...]


Equal vs. Fair

“That’s not fair!” If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard this cry a time or two. Most everyone has made this claim at some point in life. But before we go any further there are some things we should probably think about when it comes to fairness. 1. Life’s not fair. Thank God for that! If God gave us what we deserved, we would be a … [Read More...]


22 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

"Mama, I'm bored. What can I do?" asks my bright-eyed, spirited 5-year-old. As I sip my warm tea, enjoying the gorgeous misty autumn view outside my picture window, I realize my son doesn't have the same appreciation for quiet, slow afternoons. Puddles, mud, and the promise of more rain thwarts his plans for continuing his last excursion into … [Read More...]