Essential Oils Starter Kit

As an herbalist and after completing course work in aromatics, Young Living Essential Oils are the best I’ve experienced, and we’ve used their products in our home for nearly four years. I was even more impressed when I noticed that my Naturopath and her apprentice preferred them as well. In her store, a variety of brands lined the shelves, but on her desk and in her hand, were always essential oils from Young Living.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran essential oil user, you’ll appreciate the versatility of this kit. Combining the Everyday Oils collection and Diffuser, you’ll be ready-to-go as soon as you open the box.

Here’s a video intro to the new everyday oils kit:

When you purchase this kit, you’ll also receive some freebies from me, to help you get started. Items included:

  • Everyday Oils collection (retails at $163.16)
  • Your choice of a Home Diffuser, Dewdrop Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser, or Aria Diffuser
  • Welcome to Young Living booklet
  • Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide
  • Distributor Resource Guide
  • S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet
  • Citrus Fresh 5-ml
  • AromaGlide Roller Fitment
  • Two Lavender Sample Packets
  • Two Peppermint Sample Packets
  • Two Peace & Calming Sample Packets
  • Two Lemon Sample Packets
  • Two Thieves Sample Packets
  • Sample Packet Business Cards
  • Two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Product Guide
  • Product Price List
  • When you purchase the Premium kit, you’ve already met your minimum PV order for the year.
  • A carry case for your new oils!

To get started, visit my Young Living site and start enjoying quality oils in your home.

Young Living not only offers high quality essential oils, they also offer:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish detergent
  • All natural household cleaner
  • Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Dental Floss (Thieves dental floss is my husband’s favorite)
  • Vitamins/Probiotics/Omegas for the whole family
  • Protein powders and meal replacement shakes
  • Shampoo/Conditioner/Soaps/Lotions
  • Skin care
  • And more!

Whether you simply want a discount or you want to learn how to supplement your family’s income (or even earn a full-time income working from home), please feel free to e-mail me at

But they’re expensive! Buying products through direct sales are more expensive than buying from the local health food store. Aren’t the oils at the health food store just as good?

I hear this from many folks every now and then, and I have a couple of thoughts.

First off, since opening our wholesale account, we’ve literally saved thousands from purchasing through our account. No I’m not exaggerating. Between the monthly specials, monthly freebies, and the Essential Rewards program, I always have at least hundreds worth of product credit to use at anytime. That’s on top of my discount. I also save money buying natural shampoos, conditioners, detergents, and more.

As for the quality of oils, I was sold after I completed the aromatic medicine course. As part of my final project, I was required to request GC/MS reports, interpret the results, and explain the potency to my instructor. I chose a very well-known company in the herbal world, expecting to see top notch reports.

When I received the report, I also received an additional message within the e-mail. The company let me know that they often change suppliers throughout the year and don’t verify or confirm the results in the report. For being such a large company selling herbs, I was surprised they not only outsourced their essential oils but all of their reports came solely from the supplier. As a consumer, I’d want to know if suppliers are changed.

For some folks, this isn’t a big deal, but personally, I like knowing that Young Living owns their fields and oversees the process from seed to seal.

When I presented my project, interpretation, and concerns to my instructor, she noted that my thoughts regarding the frequent change in suppliers were valid, especially if the everyday consumer isn’t notified.

Afterwards, I decided to stick with a company with a solid history.

I hope this page has addressed your questions or concerns. If you want additional info, please e-mail me at

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